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Our Approach

What's it all about?

My art quilts look at one of the most basic elements of civilization - the making textiles - through a contemporary lens. As I work, I think about the historic impact and value of textiles throughout history; how tightly terms for weaving and sewing are woven into the evolution of languages. I imagine caravans along ancient trade routes bringing exotic silks from the East. By creating my own unique fabrics using dyes, paint and stitches; I become part of a great continuum of artists who find textiles tell intimate stories about the people who create them. Throughout time - and throughout the world - a quilt can swaddle a baby; cover the bed of newlyweds; serve as a shroud; or hang on a wall as art. For me, creating with textiles embodies something that lives in all our DNA and honors the ancient cultural ties that bind us all.

Let's make something beautiful.

Linda McCurry

Our Story