When I was a little girl, my grandmother attempted to teach me crochet.  She eventually threw up her hands in frustration because of my left-handedness.  She claimed it was beyond her. It wasn't until I ran across a pattern for a crocheted top in a Seventeen magazine and my desire to have it was so overwhelming that I vowed to learn to crochet in order to make it. In retrospect, it was a miracle that the top was ever completed considering it was made from the most difficult yarn to learn on, #10 thread normally reserved for doilies. I wish I still had that top today. As I recall, it was quite easy to see my progress from rank beginner to accomplished crocheter across the surface of the finished product. Regardless of its final appearance (can you say, "hot mess"?), I was "hooked".

Now, after many years in fashion design, art- quiltmaking, fashion upscaling, and other textile arts, I am beginning my journey as a crochet designer. One of my goals is to create crochet patterns that are both appealing and accessible to people who want to learn to crochet...or ask their grandmas to make it for them!