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Back in 2010, John Hopper, the remarkable curator and author of The Textile Bog, featured my work in one of his posts. This month, in honor of that blog’s eighth anniversary, Mr. Hopper has assembled a retrospective issue of his online downloadable magazine, Inspirational 10, and it includes my work! This beautiful publication is now available (along with issues 1 through 9) on his site. Just click on the links above to view the work of amazing artists that John has interviewed and introduced to the world throughout the years. I am so honored to be a part of this anniversary issue!

Inspirational 10 is an online downloadable magazine

Linda McCurry, magazine feature

A Really Big Quilt Show at PAQA

On May 5, 2016, I had the great privilege of showing my art quilts and original fabrics to the wonderful women of PAQA (Phoenix Area Quilters Association). PAQA is an educational quilt guild with a noble mission of service within the community. To date they have donated hundreds of quilts to AASK, Arizona Adoption of Special Kids.  Thank you to Nancy Laswick for inviting me; and thank you to all the members of PAQA for making me feel welcome; and for asking lots of questions and laughing in all the right places.

Showing my work at PAQA

Showing my work at PAQA

Quilts and fabrics


“Eat Your Greens” catches the judge’s eye at Quilt Arizona! 2016


What an honor to get an honorable mention award at the Arizona Quilters Guild 2016 show. I like to make things with a sense of humor, unusual materials and a play on words in  the title. I’m glad the judges smiled along with me! Thank you to everyone at AQG for putting on a beautiful show! It was outstanding this year.

In “Eat Your Greens”  hand-dyed coffee filters cut into salad shapes, wooden utensils and free-motion zig-zag stitching around the letters along with a hand-dyed fabric salad bowl and veggies quilted into the background create a three-dimensional art quilt.

Art Quilt

Eat Your Greens, detail

Scarves – Beautiful Prints from Nature on Silk

Yes, it’s magic!  Many of the leaves used in this process came from here in Arizona; but many came from friends and family who collected and mailed me beautiful autumn leaves from all around the country to create these beautiful, mystical silk scarves. I love the ethereal colors and images the leaves make on the silk. No two are alike.

If you would like to purchase one of these beautiful originals, please email  to make Paypal arrangements. Great for gifts!

Silk Scarf #2

Silk dyed with oak, grape and acacia leaves. 70″ x 8″ black and gold. Item name: Scarf 2 $35.00 (includes shipping)

Silk Scarf #3

Silk scarf dyed with sumac and jack oak leaves in shades of gold, black and charcoal. 8″ x 72″ Item name: Scarf #3 – $35.00 (includes shipping)

Silk Scarf #4

Silk dyed with maple and grape leaves in delicate pinks, soft gold and shades of taupe. 8″ x 46″ Item name: Scarf #4 $30.00 (includes shipping)

Silk Scarf #5

Silk dyed with red maple and aspen leaves and dried wild anise. Shades of gold, taupe, and charcoal. 60″ x 11″ Item name: Silk Scarf #5 $40.00 (includes shipping)

Silk Scarf #6

Silk dyed with grape leaves and acacia with an unusual under-lying grid texture from the pressing boards. Very attractive. Graduated colors gold to dark charcoal. 8″ x 46″ Item name: Silk Scarf #6 $30.00 (includes shipping)

Silk Scarf #7

Silk dyed with maple and lantana leaves and ferns with a gorgeous gold border and subtle grid texture. This scarf has hints of soft greens and pinks mixed in with the golds and charcoals. 60″ x 11″ Item name: Silk scarf #7 $40.00 (includes shipping)

Silk Scarf # 8

Silk dyed with oak and aspen leaves and ferns in soft taupe, gold and charcoal. 60″ x 11″ Item name: Silk Scarf #8 $40.00 (includes shipping)

Silk Scarf #9

Silk dyed with maple and aspen leaves in a dramatic print in Coppery gold, brown and charcoal. 8″ x 46″ Item name: Silk Scarf #9 $30.00 (includes shipping)

Silk Scarf # 10

Silk dyed with wild rose, red maple and oxalis. I love the delicate silvery color that the wild rose leaves created with touches of soft lavender here and there. 70″ x 8″ Item name: Silk Scarf # 10

Silk Scarf #11

Silk dyed with maple and sumac – light to dark in shades of soft gold, silver, brown and black. 60″ x 11″ Item name: Silk Scarf #11 $40.00 (includes shipping)

Silk Scarf # 12

Silk dyed with maple and cottonwood leaves and parsley seed heads. I love the delicate patterns the parsley creates (my sis discovered this little bit of magic!) 8″ x 70″ Item name: Silk Scarf #12 $35.00 (includes shipping)

Silk Scarf #1

Silk dyed with oak, maple and locust leaves in gold, taupe, grey and subtle hints of pink. 60″ x 11″ Item name: Silk Scarf #1 $40.00 (includes shipping)


Art quilt “Sticks and Stones” wins Judge’s Choice


Sticks and Stones

Sticks and Stones

I am so honored that Anita Shackelford, famous quilt judge and quilt artist, ( selected my quilt as her choice at the National Quilters’ Association show in Columbus, OH. This quilt has also received two honorable mentions; one in the NQA show and one here in Arizona at the Arizona Quilt Guild show.

Soy Way Batik Workshop

Batik shown with handmade tjapIn June 2013 I offered my first soy Wax Batik workshop for 16 members of the Cactus Patchers Quilt Guild. We had a blast creating original batik fabrics using soy wax and transparent textile paints. Here are some photos and information about the workshop. In this particular session, each student left class with two completed fat quarters in two hours. We all agreed we would like to do a longer, more detailed workshop soon. I’m looking forward to that. Many thanks to my good friend Adriene Buffington who came along as photographer and all-around calm in the storm. Adriene is an amazing fiber artist in her own right. You can view her work at Here are images of the evening and some of the finished batiks.



About Me

Hello and welcome to my gallery, blog and website. I’m an artist, mom and grandma living in Gilbert, AZ. Please click on the Gallery post to check out my art!

Modeling one of my scarves made from re-purposed neck ties

Modeling one of my scarves made from re-purposed neck ties

I love making art quilts! Most of my work begins with plain white fabric; then I dye, paint, batik, print, cut, sew, quilt and generally transform it into something new, different, intriguing and, I hope, beautiful. Just click on the Gallery post heading and then on any of the thumbnails for a larger view.